How confident are you at a BBQ or dinner party when the subject of finance makes its way into conversation? With religion, politics and a few other subjects definitely off the table, the state of global and local financial markets and movements is one that often makes its way into these social situations.  Do you sneak away and find another conversation, or do you stay quiet because you don’t feel your financial IQ is up to par? You are not alone – but how do you improve your financial education so you can join in the conversation or understand better what the discussion is around you? Good financial literacy is more than a social tool – the better educated you are about matters financial, the more in control you can be of your own monetary wellbeing.  There are obvious gaps between the rich and the poor, men and women and differing generations but in general, Australia ranks relatively well in a global sense. What tools can you employ to improve your fiscal IQ? It is, after all, about knowledge and we improve our knowledge by studying and learning more. Take advantage of the knowledge or literacy of those around you. Maybe take a course or jump online and start to read more about what interests you in the world of finance.  With a better understanding, you can look forward to a more sustainable future for you and your family. At TAG Financial, we see people every day who have varying degrees of understanding about how money works. Let’s go back to the conversation at the BBQ – what works for your neighbour’s aunt won’t work for you, or what works for the couple next door with two kids won’t work for you and your family.  It is as much about understanding you and your own goals so you can map a plan to know more, and ultimately make better decisions. That is where we come in.  We can help you gain and understanding of your current position, talk about the future for you and your family so we can help you start to plan your financial health in the coming years. Once we start to talk to you about your position, your financial literacy improves and the decision making around purchases, investments and the day to day wellbeing of your finances. You can also access government funded tools like Moneysmart Talk to a financial planner in our team to help you start to improve your financial literacy. Give us a call – it might be the smartest call you make this year. To find out more, call (08) 9367 1227 to schedule an appointment with the TAG Financial team today.

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