Wealth Foundation

Wealth Foundation

Whatever You Build Will Not Stand For Long
Without A Firm Foundation

The building of wealth has to start somewhere. Like any kind of building, it needs a strong foundation. This usually involves making an early start although, as the old adage says – ‘it’s never too late.’ Ideally, people should get into the habit of saving at an early age. Decide early on what proportion of everything you earn will be spent and what proportion saved.

Long-term financial planning too needs to be considered sooner rather than later. Set your goals. Believe that they are achievable. Then set to work to make them a reality.

If it all sounds too hard, don’t worry. Once again, the team at TAG Wealth can help. One of our experts will sit with you, discuss your situation, make practical recommendations and implement solutions that will make sure you’re financial future sits on a stable foundation. And remember, there’s no time like the present.

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When you build a house, you insure it. It’s the same with your finances. You need to insure against any possibility that may adversely affect your earnings and savings. At TAG Wealth, we employ our own insurance experts and partner with leading local, national and international insurance companies to provide you with precisely the insurance cover you need.

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Wealth foundation might seem a long way from retirement, but one of the bricks in the foundation on which your finances are built will eventually support you in old age. You need to think a long time ahead. Find out more about superannuation.

Salary Sacrificing

This financial instrument involves an agreement between you and your employer which results in you receiving part of your salary not as cash, but as benefits to the same value. This usually includes making additional payments into your superannuation fund, but some employers are open to different forms of salary sacrifice options such as offsetting payments for mortgages, credit cards, childcare, transport, parking and membership fees of relevant professional organisations.

Discuss all possible options with your employer before you contact TAG Wealth, or let our experts negotiate on your behalf.

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