Without A Predetermined Plan,
You’re On The Road To Failure

Planning anything involves a starting point, a goal and implementing a set of steps that will seamlessly join the former to the latter in an organised, rational and positive way.

Planning how your finances will benefit you at every stage of your life is the best way of ensuring a happy and stress-free future.

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Financial Planning

A financial plan begins with an analysis of your current situation and a realistic view of what you wish to achieve at certain times in your life. From paying off HECS fees through buying a house, establishing income streams and funding your retirement, a sound financial plan can incorporate everything you need to stay ahead of the game.

Our financial advisers will meet with you and discuss how you spend your money, how to borrow effectively, how to save and increase your income. They will help you to take advantage of any financial benefits you may be entitled to and make sure that you and your financial future are adequately insured.

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Personal Insurance

What’s the point in building wealth if one unforeseen incident can bring it all crashing down? You might lose your job, suffer a life-changing injury or contract a debilitating illness. Your business could fail to the extent that your income is substantially reduced. To ensure your finances remain healthy – even if you are not – you need to insure against every possibility. This may sound expensive and counter to the concept of wealth creation but insurance is a vital component of financial planning. It’s the life jacket that keeps you afloat should things go wrong.

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A superannuation fund is like a pension. It is something you need to build up throughout your life in order to support yourself during retirement when you no longer earn a regular salary. Despite the fact that superannuation focuses on the latter years of life, it is something everyone should consider from the time they collect their first pay packet. TAG Wealth employs experts on the complex world of superannuation who will recommend the very best solution for you.

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Estate Planning

Your hard earned and well protected money doesn’t die when you do. With careful planning and a little foresight, it can be passed on to your surviving spouse, children, charities or foundations. The experts at TAG Wealth can advise you on making a will which guarantees your cash and assets are distributed in the most appropriate and effective way – exactly as you intended.

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