Wealth Building

Wealth Building

Spend Less Than you Earn and Your Wealth Will Grow.
Spend More Than you Earn and it Won’t.

To build wealth you have to have a core source of income to begin with. Then, the trick is to maintain what money you have and find ways to increase it by making sure that your income always exceeds your outgoings.

Investments, avoiding debt, tax minimisation and reducing the cost of living are just some of the strategies you can use to build your wealth. Wealth building requires a long-term perspective and involves a number of financial disciplines but, at TAG Wealth, we can help you find the best ways to grow your wealth no matter what stage of life you’re at.

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Investment Planning & Advice

In order to provide the best investment advice, we need to get to know you. We need to establish your preferences. Are you more comfortable investing in shares or property? What is your attitude to risk? What do you know about equities and bonds, capital gains tax and after-tax investment returns?

Once we understand what you need in order to meet your goals, we can compile a dedicated and personalised strategy designed just for you. One of our fund managers will be allocated to you and will suggest various ways in which you can increase your wealth while remaining comfortable with your investments.

Investment planning is an ongoing function which must be revisited constantly and changed or updated as necessary. It should also be an enjoyable experience.

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Debt Management

The ideal situation is to be completely debt free but, for most people, some form of debt such as a mortgage or a personal loan is inevitable. The secret here is to find ways of paying off debts more quickly without adversely affecting your cash flow or savings. Even more important is to reduce the amount of non-tax deductible debt in favour of tax deductible debt thereby converting ‘personal debt’ into ‘investment debt.’ The experts at TAG Wealth know exactly how to do this.

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Tax Minimisation

Although we have all the necessary knowledge, TAG Wealth is not a registered tax agent. If you already have an accountant who is tax agent, we will work with him or her to make sure your financial plan includes your tax situation. If you don’t yet have an accountant, we can recommend one to you.

It is important that knowledge of your tax situation is built into your personal financial plan as it allows us to devise investment strategies that can minimise the amount of tax you pay.

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Building a sound superannuation fund is an important part of your life and of your financial plan. So important that we have put all the details on a dedicated Superannuation page.

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Borrowing To Invest

Borrowing money to invest in shares or property, also known as ‘gearing,’ is considered as extremely risky and is not something we would usually recommend. If you invest in shares and the market falls, you not only lose value in the shares but you still have to pay back the loan at a time when your investment income has been reduced.

To make gearing viable, you must have sufficient income from other sources, such as a salary, or have back-up funds that you can use to pay off your loan if things go wrong. Borrowing to invest is really only for those who are in the higher income tax brackets, already have ‘spare cash’ and are prepared to lose at least some of it.

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Asset Protection

It is important to protect the assets you have accrued to date and to maintain that protection for new assets as and when you acquire them. To be more specific, you have to protect the value of your assets rather than the assets themselves. In this context assets may include your main residence, an investment property, vehicles and business premises.

The team at TAG Wealth can advise you on how to set up the most appropriate trust in order to protect the value of your assets in the event of your being sued.

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Initial Retirement Considerations

This is something you should discuss with your TAG Wealth fund manager sooner rather than later. From a financial point of view, you can start planning for retirement at virtually any age and the nature of your retirement can be built into your lifelong financial plan. Do intend to downsize after retirement? Will you be supporting an aging parent? At what age do you want to retire? Do you want to travel the world? Will you take up a potentially expensive hobby?

By knowing what you want from your retirement, your fund manager will be able to plan ahead to find ways of financing your golden years.

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