Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

It’s Never Too Early To Start
Planning Life After Work

A happy, comfortable well-funded retirement is something most of us look forward to. It’s a good idea to think ahead and decide what style of retirement you want. Will you remain active, maybe as a community volunteer or by playing bowls? Or will you just relax and take it easy?

Either way, retirement costs money. You’ll still have bills to pay. Food, petrol and other basics will continue to drain your finances. You may wish to join a golf and country club, go on a cruise or buy a boat of your own.

At TAG Wealth we can advise on strategies that will enable you to retire with money to spend.

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Transition To Retirement

People are retiring earlier and living longer so the period of your retirement could longer than you anticipated. Although you may stop work on a Friday and find yourself retired the following Monday, the transition to retirement in financial terms should be a long, smooth process. In essence, you need to replace your regular salary with a similar amount of income from investments and pensions.

You must also continue to protect the assets that you have accrued throughout your life – although you may choose to sell a large home and move into something smaller. The smaller house is still an asset that must be protected.

The amount of money you will need in your golden years will depend on the length of your retirement, your age, lifestyle, your health, the ability of your investments to generate tax-efficient income and your willingness – or not – to take a risk.

The team at TAG Wealth can guide you every step of the way. Remember, the better we get to know you, the more effective your personal retirement plan will be.

Let’s Save Retirement
Play the videos to explore the Save Retirement exhibition. Watch what you can do to make sure your retirement doesn’t become a thing of the past.

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(Source: Videos and stats data supplied by MLC.)

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superannuation will almost certainly be the mainstay of your retirement income. There are even pre-retirement superannuation pensions designed to smooth out the transition to retirement and self-managed super funds which are seen as hard work by some but as a kind of hobby by others. TAG Wealth employs experts on the complex world of superannuation who will recommend the very best solution for you. Find out more about superannuation.

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Income Streams

Post-retirement income can come from superannuation funds, the age pension and other forms such as rent from an investment property, interest on investments, dividends, option premiums and the sale of assets.

The way you receive your post-retirement income will depend on the nature of the investments that generate the income and how the investments are managed, i.e. through a superannuation fund, a trust or directly by you.

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Pension Planning

Your company pension can sometimes be paid as a lump sum or you may choose to draw on it on a fortnightly or monthly basis. Any government pension to which you may entitled will usually be paid in fortnightly instalments. But, of course, your superannuation fund is a form of pension too. It is the one over which you have most control. That’s why it’s a good idea to decide what form your retirement will take quite early on in life. If you anticipate an active and comparatively expensive lifestyle in retirement, you and your TAG Wealth fund manager will have to find ways of maximising the value of your super fund throughout its life. In other words, you need to make hay while the sun shines.

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Insurance Tapering

Tapering is a finance buzzword that simply means reducing. Insurance tapering can be a complex issue but it can also result in significant savings when left to the experts at TAG Wealth.

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Tax Considerations

It is vitally important that all the ways in which you pay tax are recorded and incorporated into your overall financial plan. Tax payments cannot be minimised unless we know what they are. Wealth creation can be seriously affected by the inclusion or omission in your plan of your tax considerations.

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Estate Planning

Good estate planning will ensure that the assets built up over a lifetime are passed on to your spouse, children, charitable trusts or foundations in the manner in which you intended. Estate planning can involve the setting up of a family trust, the appointment of guardians for minor children left orphaned and the establishment of enduring powers of attorney should you become unable to manage our own affairs through disability or illness.

Estate planning covers all assets including those that do not actually form part of your estate such as superannuation, assets held in joint names and insurance policies. Your tax situation will also be taken into account.

The main point of estate planning is to ensure there are no undesired outcomes after your death. Obviously everyone’s circumstances are different. You may be a divorcee whose previous partner has effective custody of your children. Your divorced spouse may have remarried. Your mature children may have forfeited their inheritance in a family law court settlement or through illegal business dealings.

All such details must form part of the confidential relationship you develop with your TAG Wealth planner. Estate planning will be a substantial element in your overall financial plan. Contact TAG Wealth today to find out how we can help you.

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