Unlock your Equity

Unlock your Equity

Unlock The Potential Of Your Existing Equity

What many people forget is that accessing the money tied up in their house is the cheapest and most effective way to do things such as putting in a swimming pool or renovating the kitchen and bathrooms.

Equity is the difference between what your home is worth
and how much you owe on it.

  • Your equity can be used to borrow 100% of an investment property. An investment property is the beginning of long term wealth creation.
  • Over time, as you reduce the amount you owe on your home, and the value of your home increases, your equity grows.
  • The equity you have in your home can assist with refinancing in order to consolidate multiple debts into a single, lower interest rate loan.

Your Equity Can Allow You To Refinance

If your debts are spiralling out of control, you may be able to use the equity you have in your home to refinance. This may be a way to consolidate your personal loans, school fees and credit card debts, so that you’re paying all your debts along with your mortgage repayments to one creditor at a lower interest rate. Over a period of time this could save you $1000’s of dollars in interest.

Property investment is a popular way to build wealth, but again, the equity in your home can be used to invest in a rental property.

The benefit of this is now you have two properties going up in value, and you have an additional income stream. Rent.

No matter what your circumstances, the equity in your home can be usually used to improve your situation.

For a free 45 minute in-home consultation to explain how you can use your equity to set you up for retirement, enquire now!

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