Investment Finance

Investment Finance

Investment Finance

Investment finance can be used to purchase a property which is solely intended as an investment.

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Investment Property Loans

An investment home loan is essentially a mortgage which is available to Australian permanent residents and citizens who wish to buy a home, plot of land or commercial property to be used as an investment property. At TAG Finance we have access to a vast range of investment property mortgages and can compare them to ensure we find the one that best meets your individual requirements and financial circumstances.

The majority of investment property loans are taken out as fixed rate loans because they make it easier for investors to manage their finances. While fixed interest rates are generally higher than variable rates, many property investors sell after a relatively short period of time and pay off the remaining loan. Regular rental income can also be used to pay the loan off more quickly.

Purchasing investment property is popular in Western Australia but it is important to choose the right investment loan and make it part of an overall financial plan.

Buying an investment property is one way of building wealth. To find our more about buying an investment property go to TAG Property.

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Equity Loans And Line Of Credit Facilities

An equity loan or line of credit facility involves paying a regular sum, usually from your salary, into your loan account thereby building up excess funds or equity that can be used rather like the money on a credit card. The lender will apply an approved credit limit which must be adhered to at all times. Money withdrawn from the loan account can be used to pay general expenses or to invest in other assets.

Some equity loan providers will allow you to access up to 90% of the value of your home and set up two separate lines of credit. This can have tax-related advantages. It should be noted that lender’s mortgage insurance will almost certainly apply to equity loans.

This is a useful and fairly common facility but requires expert advice to overcome the complexities and potential pitfalls. The team at TAG Finance has all the answers.

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