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Hopefully you will spend a lifetime creating, building and maintaining wealth. But there comes a time when you should consider what’s going to happen to your money after you die. It’s not something everyone wants to think about but it must be done.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: TAG Financial Planning has strategic relationships with three Australian Legal Practitioners who carry out the Will service for TAG Financial Planning clients.

The table below is a GUIDE ONLY of the possible fees associated with these legal services.

Writing A Will Is One Of The Most Responsible Decisions You Will Make

Simple Wills from $495

Limited time only

Will Services & Fees

If You Don’t Have A Will Keep Reading!

Do you want to decide what happens after you die?
It may sound a little far-fetched but you can make personal choices now that will affect what happens to your family, property, business, assets and savings after your death. It simply involves making a Will which explains precisely what you want to happen. If written properly, a legally binding Will can reassure you that all will be well after you’re gone. You decide exactly who receives what and how your estate is divided up.

What happens if you don’t leave a Will?
If you die without having made a Will – which means you die intestate – the law will decide what to do with your assets. Your spouse, children, siblings and business partners will have little or no say in who gets what. If you don’t leave instructions, you can’t assume that those close to you will know what you wanted to happen to your estate.

There’s more to it than who gets what
A legally binding Will can contain all manner of information and instructions which will be of enormous benefit to those you leave behind. Quite apart from apportioning assets, including money, to certain individuals your Will can name your executor – the person who ensures your instructions are properly carried out. You can use your Will to set up trusts for younger children and name the administrators of those trusts. You can nominate guardians for your children and help to reduce the tax implications of assets you leave to your loved ones.

Make a Will now before it’s too late.
No-one knows how and when they will die. Dying intestate can cause heartache and resentment that lasts for years. Making a Will takes about two hours and lasts a lifetime.

With a legal Will, you can:

1 Say who you want to have your house, your money, or any of your assets.

2 Say who you’d like to care for your children.

3 Choose your Executor – the person who’ll have the vitally important job of carrying out your wishes.

4 Set up Trusts for managing a child’s fund’s until that child is an adult.

Service Single Couple
Simple Will with Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA)
*Special Offer & Limited Time – Normally $660
$495* $880
Sophisticated Will with Testamentary Trust and EPOA $2,200 $2,995
Family Consultation – 1Hr $220 $220
Review of existing Will $220 $400
Binding Financial Agreement – (Pre-Nuptial) $3,300
Home Visit (Perth Metro Area) $88

All the above services include a complimentary 45 minute consultation to determine the right estate plan for you & your family.

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Estate Planning

Your hard-earned and well protected money doesn’t die when you do. With careful planning and a little foresight, it can be passed on to your surviving spouse, children, charities or foundations.

Your TAG Wealth advisor can connect you with a preferred lawyer who can advise you on making a Will which dictates the desired distribution of your your cash and assets exactly as you intended. If required, they can also help with the establishment of trusts, separation settlements and enduring powers of attorney.

Contact TAG Wealth today to find out how we can help you.

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