Are you worried about falling off the mortgage cliff when your fixed home loan rate expires?

Do you desperately need some more financial breathing room?

Is the cost-of-living crisis causing excessive stress in your home?

In the current climate, there’s no doubt finding ways to save money is a must for many West Australian families.

At TAG Finance, our specialty is helping you save money on your mortgage. In fact, we consider it our primary job to ensure you aren’t overpaying on your home loan, so we can help put more cash back into your pocket. 

From helping you save up for that much-needed kitchen renovation or overseas holiday to paying for school fees, your new car or an updated couch, we are experts in reducing the amount of money that needs to be channelled into your home loan. With a Real Estate Institute of Australia report released this year finding that the average household is spending just under 48 per cent of their income on home repayments, it is most likely to be your largest expense.

Importantly, we make the process of checking if you’ve got the most competitive home loan simple, by doing all the work, while you carry on with what you need to do. Essentially, we bring the banks, building societies and other lenders to you, rather than you having to ring around and ask for the best deal.

Even more importantly, our experienced mortgage brokers review your home loan and help you refinance (if you choose to) for free. This is possible because we are paid by the financial institution your loan is with.

How is TAG able to get you a better deal? It’s simple. The TAG Finance team has more negotiating power with the banks than individuals do because we bring them more business. This means, when you talk to a lender through us, you dramatically boost your chances of getting a discount on your loan interest rate.

Ready to save on your home loan?

Let TAG Finance’s lending specialists do the leg work and pave the way for you to embrace a better mortgage.

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