Done well, investing in real estate can be lucrative and helps speed up your wealth creation.

But building a successful property portfolio requires strategic thinking, thoughtful planning and expert advice.

At TAG Finance, our lending specialists understand the ins and outs of investing in real estate and – importantly – we know how to harness the equity in your home to kickstart your property investment journey faster. Equity is the difference between what your home is worth and how much you owe on it and many homeowners use this to buy an investment property with no savings.

The TAG Finance team also knows how to track down the best investment property loans. Thanks to our established relationships with bank and non-bank lenders, we can access a superior selection of investment property mortgages and help assess which one is best for you, given your unique circumstances.

As we bring larger volumes of business to these financial institutions than individuals do, we have an enhanced ability to negotiate interest rate and fee discounts. This paves the way for greater returns, allowing investors to build wealth faster.

A key benefit of working with TAG Finance is that we do all the research for you. We bring to you the most competitive investment property loan options and support you to understand and choose what works best for you. That gives you more time to find your ideal real estate investment.

We also work for you free of charge – as our fees are covered by the lender you select – and we’re bound to act in your best interests, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by chatting to our expert team.

Reach out to TAG Finance’s knowledgeable property investment lending specialists today and embrace smarter finance options that fast-track your retirement.

TAG Finance. We bring the banks and the best property investment loans to you.

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