TAG has been named as a WA finalist in 4-categories in the MFAA State Excellence Awards 1. Customer Service Award 2. Diversified Offering 3. Community Champion Award This award recognises the work we do in the wider community through our recycling programs, fund raising and continued support of Heart Kids WA and Nakuru Hope. Last week TAG, along with some 1% lunch supporters, made a donation to Nakuru Hope so that they could install solar panels. During the COVID-19 Lockdown in Kenya the government refused to fix a generator that supplied power to the slums of Nakuru. This meant that they could not operate the pump that they use to provide water to the orphans, the students, and their families. The risk soon became starvation and dehydration more so than COVID-19. Hence the urgent need for Solar Panels. 4. Finance Broking Business Award

Community Champion Award - Nakuru Hope Project, Kenya

Nakuru Hope Project Nakuru Hope Project Nakuru Hope Project

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