If you’re in the market for a new car, before you even set your heart on a make or model, we suggest that you answer a few important questions first. This is especially important if you will be applying for a personal car loan or financing a business vehicle. Another good idea is to seek the help of a financial planner to ensure you get the best car finance deal and to protect your financial security. A financial expert can also help you answer these critical questions.

1. Do I know what the status of my credit history is? The first important step in applying for finance is to know your credit status. The main reason you need to know this is that it will affect what size loan you can apply for and what your repayments will be.

2. How much of my budget is available? It is surprising how many people do not have a proper budget drawn out. Having one gives you a realistic idea of the price of car you can afford.

3. Do I need a deposit? Some financial institutions require a deposit for car finance. Do you have the funds available? Are there options that do not require a deposit?

4. Do I need car insurance? The answer to this question is a resounding yes! Car insurance provides you with peace of mind and financial protection should any unfortunate event such as car theft or an accident occur. You will also need to factor the costs of insurance premiums into your budget.

5. Is a fixed or variable interest rate the better option for me? If you want a consistent repayment amount each month then a fixed rate is the best option. You can stick to a budget as there are no surprises to your repayment amount. With a variable rate you could either pay more or less depending on the change.

Financial services that give greater bargaining power Finding the best options in personal car loans or business car loans in Perth mean that you should be looking for a financial services provider that offers:

• Fast approval • No obligation quotes • Fixed repayments

At TAG Finance we often offer car loans with no deposit required and repayment terms that match your budget. We deal with a wide range of car finance, and assist with previous bad credit applications. Finance your next car purchase the stress-free way. Our expert finance team are waiting to help you.

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