Sam's story

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Wherever you travel, make sure you’re properly insured.

While on holiday in Thailand with her husband and three young sons, Samantha Bloom leaned against a railing on her hotel balcony only to feel it give way. She fell five metres onto the tiles below suffering a broken spine, collapsed lung and bleeding on the brain. The hotel admitted the railing was faulty and paid a small amount in compensation but it was nothing like enough.

After initial treatment in Thailand, Sam was flown back to Sydney. While the flight and medical expenses in Thailand were covered by credit card insurance, there were insufficient funds to cover what would turn out to be a long, costly and necessary series of medical treatments and home improvements. Now confined to a wheelchair with no feeling from her chest down, Sam feels lucky that she can still hug her boys.

Having proper insurance in place wouldn’t have changed Sam’s medical prognosis but it would certainly have eased what turned out to be an enormous financial burden. The lesson is a simple one. No matter where you travel, even if it’s within Australia, it is vitally important to make sure every member of the family is adequately insured. No-one knows where and when tragedy might strike. The secret is to always be prepared.

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Photos by Cameron Bloom.

Sam’s story shows that the unexpected can happen to anyone. Contact TAG today to find out how you can have peace of mind knowing you and your family responsibly covered.

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