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Here’s how a typical Western Australian could save up to $5,110 per year in interest off their home loan by taking advantage of a better deal:

In May 2012, the CBA standard variable rate was over 7% p.a. In 2017 the CBA rate has dropped, but some other banks have dropped their rates even further. This difference (about 1.5% p.a.) could equate to over $5,000 in interest each year on a $350,000 home loan!^

Do you know what’s even better? By putting these savings back into the home loan you would knock around 10 years off the loan term, saving you over $129,000 in interest!^

This is just one example. Speak to us about the options that are available for your personal circumstances.

It happens to the best of us. With everything that we have going on in our lives, we sometimes forget to stay active and can find ourselves getting a little out of shape.

Well, believe it or not, the same thing can happen to your mortgage.

What do we mean by that?

With mortgages, things change. Interest rates, offers from different lenders, the value of your home and your income can all affect the amount of interest you pay, or your ability to repay your home loan.

Put simply, sometimes your mortgage needs a check-up, just like you!

Plus, as an added bonus, we’ll give you a FitBit Health Monitor valued at $249 with every refinanced home loan.*

It’s our way of saying thank you!

If you’ve read this far then why wouldn’t you ask an award winning mortgage broker to review you mortgage and ensure you are maximising the savings on offer?

Remember, it’s the banks that pay us,
not you!

Find out how much you could save by getting your mortgage into shape!

The Fine Print

^There is no catch! These savings are based on the Standard Variable Rate that CBA offered on the 11th May 2012 for an owner-occupied home loan. Although the rate has since reduced to 5.25% p.a. on 26th May 2017, TAG has access to lenders offering rates as low as 3.80% p.a. As always, there are no guarantees that these exact savings will materialise, however now, more than ever, it makes sense to have your home loan reviewed!

*To qualify for the free FitBit the total loan size must exceed $250,000. Offer applies to all loans that settle on or before 31st October 2017.