First Home Owner Grant

Eligible homebuyers will now receive up to $60,000*

  1. Eligible First Home Buyers - Combining the $25,000 Federal Government “HomeBuilder” with the State Government $20,000 “Building Bonus”, eligible first home buyers will also receive $10,000 grant and stamp duty concessions that total over $60,000 in tax free grants to speed up your dream of owning your brand-new home.
  2. Eligible Non-First Home Buyers - You win too… Combining the $25,000 Federal Government “HomeBuilder” with the WA State Government $20,000 “Building Bonus” you could qualify for $45,000 towards your brand new home.
  3. Eligible Investors - The WA State Government has made $20K eligible to investors that build a brand-new hom.

3 Easy steps to owing your new home!

Step 1. APPLY for finance: The first thing you need to do is arrange your finance for the balance required. Home Ownership starts with a home loan.

Step 2. Meet with some builders: Once you know your building budget schedule some meetings with some builders. There is no time to waste.

Step 3. Find the land and pay a deposit: the sooner you lock in your land price the better.

Find out if you qualify for any of the above grants today.

If you meet the conditions for the grants you still must meet the lending criteria by the specifics banks. The $20,000 building bonus relates to Western Australia only.

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